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Homeowners’ Guide: The Best Ways to Deal with a Contractor

There usually is a communication gap between homeowners and contractors. Homeowners always operate from the point of view that most contractors are shady. They worry that the contractors want to take advantage of them. On the other hand, contractors think that the homeowners are naïve. They don’t respect their opinions and sometimes work with disregard for what the homeowners want.

If only homeowners and contractors can speak the same language, it will be a much nicer and more peaceful world. When talking about kitchen and bathroom mouldings, for example, the homeowners need to listen to the opinions of the contractors about what best fits the budget and the structure of the house. At the same time, the contractors must respect what the homeowners want.

Set a Professional Tone

The problem with this relationship is that often, they become very good friends at the beginning of the relationship. There is camaraderie up to the point where they differ in opinions. That’s when the relationship will start to unravel. Hurtful words may be hurled at each other. Set a professional tone from the beginning. Keep this relationship as professional as possible so that no one steps on the line. Resist the urge to be buddy-buddy with the contractor. It will be easier for both of you to raise issues and concerns when the relationship is purely about business.

Be Respectful

Just because you are paying the contractor and the workers doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to scream at them when you have a bad day. You shouldn’t look down on them because they get their hands dirty while you’re working in an office with a view of Central Park. Nothing gives you the right to disrespect people no matter how successful you are. Disrespecting the contractor will only result in bigger problems when the workers get fed up with your attitude.


Expect Messes

If you are having your home renovated, expect that the house will literally be covered in dirt. Don’t expect the workers to clean up after every task they do. They won’t finish on time if they keep on worrying about how the rest of your house looks. If you are going to have a major renovation at home and you don’t want your things to get dirty, you should move them out temporarily. It is not the responsibility of the contractor and the workers to clean your whole house.

Don’t Be Selfish

The work may not always finish on time, but as long as they do quality work, you should be very flexible. Some contractors have delays because of personal matters. Workers get sick, too. Even your contractors face personal challenges. Try to be accommodating as long as they don’t affect the budget you set for the project.

Not all contractors are shady. If you are operating under this belief, you’ll never build a good relationship with your contractor. You will constantly think negatively about all their actions. They’ll never do good work in your eyes. While there are a lot of horror stories about contractors, there are good ones, too. And unless your contractor has given you a reason to doubt their reputation, you should keep an open mind that maybe you’ve found a good one.

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