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How to Keep Yourself Busy with Home Projects

You may be going around your house, looking for something to do other than scrolling endlessly through your phone all day. If you are up for a big project that will take some time to finish, you should try going for a construction task on the outside of your home. These activities will surely keep you occupied while you add an edge to your home property.

Although you may have to put in a little elbow grease for every single one of these, the outcome, if done right, will not only give you a sense of achievement but also more value for your house. Here are some renovation and building ideas that you can do yourself to polish your home and keep you busy for a few days.

Revamp a wall

Walls are easy targets when boredom strikes. You can easily add something to the wall without compromising its structure. Whether you choose to revamp a garden wall, brick wall, or a side of your home, you will definitely be adding a new accent that can be refreshing to the eyes. For one, many settle with repainting walls in the exterior of their homes. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the old one or replacing it and putting on an entirely new color or finish will make a wall look brand new.

Some even go as far as applying a silicone render as a topcoat to add texture to a wall. After preparing the base coat with an embedded mesh, the render can then be applied as reinforcement to the wall. It looks good and can help keep the structure sound by protecting the base from wearing down by the rain and sunlight.

Build a fence

If you don’t already have one around your property, a fence may benefit your safety, especially if you own a pet or have a child with you who can easily run out into the open. A fence will add protection to your property and also add to the home aesthetic. If you just want to replace your boring old one, you can still try building a new one by yourself.

DIY fence kits are available for purchase online and in some local hardware and home improvement shops. You just have to find the one that you like depending on the material and the scale of your property. But starting from scratch is also an option if you have skills in woodwork or metalwork. A quick search will show you some things to know before starting a fence-building project which can help you to create a nice barrier for your home.

Redo patio pavers

If the pavers on your patio have seen better days, this may be the time to start redoing it. For this project, you may consider hiring a professional to redo it for you. But if the estimated cost of having it done by someone else is too much, you canĀ do it by yourself. You can start by looking at your present patio and deciding on a brick-laying pattern that you want to create. Once you’ve decided, you can then start ordering your pavers while removing the existing patio flooring that you want to replace. The base may already be set for your construction after having the previous pavers removed but see if you still need to build up the sand and paver base if necessary. After setting up your pavers in your desired pattern, you can add the specialized sand that will hold the bricks in place and compact it using a hand tamper.

Build a fire pit

Feel like your outdoor lounging area is missing something? Maybe you are looking for a big update like a stone fire pit to keep you warm on cold nights outside. A fire pit can become a centerpiece for family gatherings or random camping sessions with friends. It can emulate the feeling of camping grounds in the wilderness when used on particularly clear nights.

Fortunately, building a fire pit is relatively easy and can be built by yourself with just a few materials. Most fire pits are built with fire brick that can withstand the heat and keep it ventilated to a certain extent. Then you can add stones, concrete, bricks, and pavers on the outside to compliment the surrounding area of your patio.

Renovating your home into something more to your taste can help you be more active. Just don’t forget to wear the proper safety gear to avoid any accidents while making these changes to the exterior of your house. Having created something with your own two hands, you should be proud of your workmanship which you can showcase whenever friends and family visit your home.

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