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The Thrifty Guy’s Guide to Home Fitness Equipment

The pandemic interrupted many aspects of our lives. Among these are the regular visits to the gym in the process of achieving your #FitnessGoals.

It’s a good thing that modern technology has made it possible to bring the gym to the safety of your home. All it takes is a few clicks of your phone to have items delivered to your doorstep with convenient door-to-door cash payment options, too.

Now, the only concern is knowing what equipment to purchase. Like most other things, the key is quality over quantity. It’s best to choose versatile fitness tools that you can switch around for different workout sets.

To help you, we have put together a guide for gym equipment that gives you the full workout.

Fitness Equipment Essentials at Home

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If you’re a fitness enthusiast, it could be difficult to decide on just a few fitness essentials, but these are the five you need to keep your workouts steady and exciting. And another bonus: these items don’t take up too much space, so they can easily be stowed away when not in use.

1. For Full-Body Workouts: Yoga Mat

A trusty yoga mat should be a staple for any home gym. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that there are many exercises you can do on a simple mat. From core workouts to stretches and even cool-down exercises, a thick mat is your regular workout partner.

Not to mention that a mat is a good safety measure. Its anti-slip properties keep you in place even for dynamic exercises, and the softness keeps joints comfortable through different positions.

If you are building your home fitness collection, this is definitely the place to start!

2. For Stretching: Resistance Bands

Every fitness buff knows that stretching is an absolute must in every routine. Resistance bands are plenty helpful in doing a variety of stretches.

They can improve your dynamic stretches, which are done to prepare for a workout. Banded stretches are especially helpful for assisting those with limited flexibility in getting more out of their stretching time.

Bands are also helpful for stretches that usually require the help of another person. In the absence of a workout buddy, resistance bands give the necessary support that you need.

For Weight Training: Dumbbells

Your at-home dumbbells don’t always have to be the big, heavy, intimidating kind. One through five kilograms are enough to give your arms the workout they need. Just stick to your repetitions to make the most of them.

A good tip is to purchase dumbbells with adjustable weights rather than separate ones. Heavier weights can provide you with an extra challenge and calorie burn. When you feel like you can push yourself further, adjust your dumbbells and go on with your workout.

For Upper Body Strength: Pull-up Bar

Functional training refers to the kind of exercises that help you go through your daily activities more efficiently. Exercises in this field usually involve the whole body, which can decrease risks of injury.

Pull-ups are a great way to engage your upper body and therefore build functional strength. Isolated workouts are great for building muscles, but a functional workout, such as doing pull-ups, helps your body in a more practical sense.

Having a pull-up bar is also a good way to get good exercise on busier days when your schedule keeps you from doing full routines. It takes less time without compromising the quality of your exercise.

For Cardio: Jump Rope

Skipping with a jump rope has numerous benefits for your body. It is a convenient and effective cardio workout, particularly if you don’t have much space to run around or if you don’t have a lot of time on a particular day. Just make sure your ceiling height lends itself to jump rope sessions.

An amazing thing about jumping rope is that you can slow down the pace to warm up your routines. But you can also increase your pace for an intense cardio workout that also improves your rhythm and coordination.

Track Your Progress

Nothing is quite as motivating as being able to observe your progress. Feel free to use a workout tracker app to help maintain discipline and log your progress through the days and weeks. Some apps even have social features, which allow you to share your progress with the bros and encourage each other to keep up the good work.

Don’t forget to take pictures, too, to see how much you’ve grown! The results are not immediately observable, but discipline and commitment will help you reach your fitness goals in no time.

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