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A Guide to Brand Storytelling Trends

Effective storytelling strategies allow your brand to engage with the audience and capture their interest. Now that most people online have short attention spans, your content should be good enough to draw them in. There are various types of storytelling trends that will not only attract your audience but also make them remember your brand’s message:

Telling Stories Through “Digital Realities”

An effective way to engage with your audience is to use the latest brand storytelling innovations. Video NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) is a new technology where you use NFTs as a digital asset that acts as a certificate of ownership for other assets like videos.

It lets viewers experience your products in a new way, so your brand will be seen as innovative, and that means higher conversions and more customers. To help increase your brand’s visibility and drive more bids to your NFT marketplace, hire experts to manage your NFT project for a more effective marketing strategy.

Another digital reality innovation that can level up your brand storytelling strategies is the use of virtual and augmented realities. Some examples include creating a virtual reality demo, virtual fashion shows, and short films viewed on a VR headset. They are powerful social impact tools that create connections to your audience and make your brand memorable.

Visual Storytelling Through Video

Since millennials and Gen Z prefer video for gathering information, video storytelling effectively drives the narrative forward that grabs attention and boosts engagement. It also helps in brand recall as video imagery is much easier to remember than words on a list. A visual story will keep your brand at the top of your customers’ minds however tough the competition.

You can create long-lasting impressions by engaging with your audience. If you post your videos on social media, you can interact by replying to comments. If it’s on your website, you can personalize your landing page, and if it’s through email, you can address them by their names.

Here are some video storytelling tips to effectively capture your audience:

  • Make Use of Visuals: Convey your message by getting creative on colors, audio, and different angles instead of focusing solely on words. Also, figure out a way on how to seamlessly include your product in the video without appearing forced.
  • Engage Your Audience By Using Humor: Humor can be effective especially in industries where audiences expect things to be formal. A humorous message is likely to capture attention and create a positive association with your brand.
  • Keep It Short: Short video stories can be as effective as long ones when it comes to increasing brand awareness. They also have a better chance of keeping your viewer’s attention to the end of the video. You don’t need a longer time to tell your story, just focus on improving the content itself and that should drive more attention to your brand.
  • Add Empathy and Human Touch: Creating an emotional storytelling video builds an authentic connection and is more likely to resonate with a larger audience. Effective use of stories that many people can relate to inspire customer loyalty because they act with an emotional response.

Brand Storytelling Through Podcasts

interviewing a guest in a studio for a podcast

Podcasting is an excellent channel for brand storytelling as it’s more convenient than social media or blog posts. It effectively holds a listener’s attention longer because they can listen while driving, walking, or doing chores. Brands can fully connect with listeners as there are many creative ways to share stories — you can do guest interviews, panel discussions, or documentary-style episodes.

Remember to always maintain authenticity when sharing your brand’s story. One of the reasons why people prefer podcasts over social media is they are more “human” and genuine. When drafting your episodes, speak to your area of expertise to naturally show your enthusiasm as opposed to reading from a script. It will make people more likely to connect with your content and eventually, your brand.

Influencers Telling Your Story

You can reach your audience with the help of influencers who have a highly engaged group of followers. People are likely to pay close attention every time an influencer mentions your brand. Remember to stay authentic by letting influencers take control of how they handle your brand because people will be more eager to purchase if they are convinced that the influencer truly loves your products.

These trends are important to strengthen the emotional connection of your brand with your audience. Nowadays, personalization is one of the most important factors of a successful marketing strategy. When you create stories that resonate with people, it creates a positive impact on your branding that will last a long time.

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