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Ways for Grooms to be More Involved in Wedding Planning

Weddings are commonly planned by the bride-to-be. The female not only chooses her wedding dress, she also often go from one place to another to speak to vendors, check their catalog and portfolios, and put the event together. Many know how stressful it is, and hire a professional wedding planner to do it. However, many brides-to-be go the DIY route, and plan their own wedding.

But a wedding is the union of two, and grooms have to be involved in every step. Although many men are less interested in the specifics of the wedding, they have to not only support but also participate in wedding planning.

The Guest List

Deciding who to invite shouldn’t be a decision made only by the bride. Typically, the couple must sit down together and go through guest list in order to reduce any hard feelings that might arise in the future. Having this conversation with your partner in advance can help avoid some disagreements later in the game.

This is especially crucial if you want a more intimate wedding in a smaller venue where you can’t invite everyone you know. It’s better to make the decision on your own who among your acquaintances and relatives will not be in the wedding than forcing your partner to do it.

The Menu

Of course, food is essential at weddings. This is an area that grooms are most interested about.

When shopping around for a caterer, tastings typically occur. It’s a fun way to spend the day, and to bond with your partner. You also need to be there to talk about dietary restrictions or preferences that members of your family or your closest friends will have. It will also guarantee that you’ll get the food you like on your wedding day.

Pick Gifts for Your Groomsmen

The groomsmen are the groom’s responsibility. You will need to contact them, and tell that you’re including them to the wedding party. You also will have to pick out gifts for them which you will hand them on the morning of the big day to say thank you for being involved.

Plan the Honeymoon

You can skip other parts of planning the wedding, if you offer your bride that you will be in charge of organizing your honeymoon. This is also a stressful task, so be prepared.

You have to not only book tickets, but also find a nice hotel, search for romantic activities, and list down restaurants. The whole trip should be a breeze for your partner.

Ask How You Can Help

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The wedding planning process can be overwhelming. But if your partner is more comfortable about it than you are, show her that you’re there to help. Ask her how you can support her throughout the process.

You can at least make the tasks easier for her. You can drive her and her bridesmaids to go wedding dress shopping. Or offer to send the invitations to your guests.

You can recruit your best man to help you out with some tasks that will be assigned to you. For example, your partner may ask you to hire a wedding band or DJ. You and your best man can meet the musicians and sample their works to narrow down your options and choose the right people to play at your wedding.

Most importantly, if your bride is having trouble deciding between one or two options, that’s how you can step in. You can offer your perspective, which can make the decision process easier for her.

Shower Her with Love

It’s also important that you make her feel appreciated during the process. If you’re only playing support, and she’s taking charge of the planning, she’s experiencing the brunt of the stress that comes with organizing a big and important event.

Aside for your help, what can ease the pressure is your affection and attention. Send her flowers, or take her to a romantic dinner. Or better yet, book a weekend getaway. Just show her that you’re there for her every step of the way, and she’ll know that your partnership is solid.

As you can see, there are many tasks that men need to do during wedding planning. They may include making decisions, learning about different venues and suppliers, helping family members and friends know their travel plans, attending dress fittings, hanging out with bridesmaids.

You don’t have to do these activities all on your own. If the bride prefers to take charge, that’s okay. However, your partner needs emotional support from you throughout the whole engagement period as well as the big day itself. Make sure you communicate about your roles during wedding planning.

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