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Grooming Must-haves to Bring While on Vacation

You probably already know all the hygiene essentials to pack for a vacation: body wash, deodorant, shaving foam, toothbrush, toothpaste, and so on. But are these enough to keep you looking and feeling your best while traveling in an unfamiliar place?

Here are some grooming essentials that you might want to add to the list:

1. Travel-sized containers

No, you don’t need to bring your entire tube of whitening toothpaste on your trip. If you want to save luggage space and airport fees, buy travel-sized containers where you can put just enough product to last you during your vacation. Moreover, having travel-sized containers won’t have you rifling endlessly through your bag, which means more time saved getting ready in the mornings.

2. Lip balm

Lip balm is essential if you’re traveling via plane, more so if your destination is somewhere hot and humid. Bring a small tube of lip balm to prevent chapped lips, preferably one that is made from natural ingredients.

3. Breath sheets

A vacation is not complete without eating a lot of food! If you don’t want your breath to smell like seafood or wine, however, keep a pack of fresh breath sheets on you whenever you go out.

4. Electric shavers

Airports don’t allow passengers to bring along shaving blades with them. Cartridge razors are permitted, but if you want a closer and faster shave, it’s a good idea to bring an electric shaver with you. Buy one that is compact and can be plugged into almost any electrical outlet.

5. Pocket comb

Don’t want your hair to end up all over the place while taking a boat trip or riding on an open-top tour bus? Keep a handy comb in your pocket so that you can put your hair back in place at any time. If you have a beard, a pocket comb can also neaten your facial hair up during a windy day or a crumby meal.

6. Deodorizing wipes

Deodorizing wet wipes can be a lifesaver, especially while traveling and if you tend to sweat a lot. Keep a pack in your day bag and pop one out when you need to freshen up on the move.

7. Lotion

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A tube of fast-drying, non-sticky lotion is a must if you’re traveling to a place where the weather is warm and arid. Even if your destination is cold, bringing lotion along is a great way to keep your skin hydrated, especially if it dries up quickly.

8. Multi-purpose knife

Do you need to get the dirt out from under your fingernails? Cut a stubborn piece of nose hair? Get a pebble unstuck from your shoe? A multi-purpose army knife can do all those things and more. Hence, it is an essential tool that everyone should have while traveling. You never know when you’ll need it until you do.

9. Face scrub

A face scrub can remove dead skin cells, moisturize your face, free ingrown hairs, and exfoliate your skin all at the same time. It will keep you feeling fresh and looking camera-ready every day of your trip.

10. Shaving brush and bowl

If you use a shaving brush and bowl at home, don’t hesitate to bring it with you on vacation. Even if these tools do take up luggage space, it’s better to use a brush than your hands. But if the shaving brush and bowl you use at home are too bulky, invest in more compact versions that won’t take up as much space in your toiletry bag.

11. Brow gel

This product is an unsung hero of all manscaping essentials, and it’s a surprise how so many men don’t know about its many purposes. Bring a small tube of brow gel in your day bag to keep unruly brows, lashes, sideburns, and facial hair in check–perfect for nights out and formal events.

12. Micro trimmer

We all know how annoying stray, tiny hairs can be. To get rid of an unruly hair on the go, keep a micro hair trimmer in your toiletry bag.

13. Face wipes

If you have deodorizing wet wipes in your pack, don’t forget face wipes, too. Face wipes can remove dirt and dead skin cells, soothe razor burn, brighten up your skin, and generally give your face a fresher feel while you’re on the go. Keep a pack handy in your carry-on so that you can clean yourself up anytime.

A vacation is less enjoyable when you’re feeling sticky, dirty, and generally uncomfortable. If you want to keep yourself well-groomed and enjoy your vacation to the fullest, these are some of the best grooming products that you should have in your luggage.

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