Great Ways to Make Money from Your Home

From the attic to the basement, your house isn’t just a place where you can rest. With a little living room or basement remodeling, you can turn your Kansas City home or Indianapolis loft into a modern-day paradise.

You can even earn additional income by converting your abode and starting a home-based business. Here are some ideas worth considering:

Rent Out a Spare Room—Or Your Entire House

Say, you’re going to your parent’s house for a month-long vacation or there’s a big event happening near your place. Perhaps you own a brilliantly positioned home. These are perfect reasons to rent out your property to those who are looking for cheap, but quality accommodation for their holiday. You can find potential guests on an online community marketplace or the like.

Certain websites have insurance policies for home and property owners looking to earn money from their homes or rooms. Check the policies on these websites, as well as your local laws on rental accommodations, and follow all applicable rules to avoid any penalty.

Make Things a Little More Permanent: Create a Bed and Breakfast

Renting out sounds like a great idea, but maximizing the space you have could be better. Running a bed and breakfast out of your home or a portion of it might give you a better income. A bed and breakfast setup will allow you to rent out several rooms at a time and gives you a chance to use your cooking skills by preparing delicious meals for your guests.

Check what permits you need to acquire before you start fixing up rooms for rent. Additional permits may be required if you will serve alcoholic drinks as part of your menu.

Your House or Estate as a Background Star

Money with home in the background

If you’re fine with strangers walking around your private estate, consider allowing them to film commercials and other media inside your premises. A house in Kansas City can be the perfect setting for a basement scene, the same way a backyard in Soda Springs can stand in for a luscious field.

Letting out your home as a filming spot is ideal to make extra income. Film crews are professional and respectful of personal property, and any form of remodeling will not be done unless you allow them to play the part of contractors. Bookings can come in frequently—some months you’ll have more income and the opposite can happen as well.

Safe and Reliable Storage

Storage units can help people earn thousands of dollars a year. Why not give people a safe and reliable storage option for their items. Turn your spare room, garage, or shed into a storage unit that could be rented by anyone who is in need of extra space.

All you need to do is ensure that the space you’re renting out for storage is safe from intruders, the weather, and other elements that could damage precious items under your care.

If you find any or all of the methods above a little too overwhelming, don’t worry. There are other ways to make a profit from your home without breaking the bank. Always remember that making money from your home is an option, not a requirement.

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