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Aging in Place: Great Sports for Aging Men

Physical activities can be brutal to do when you’ve reached a much older age. Mobility becomes a severe issue alongside other health concerns. However, there are many sports and physical activities out there that cater to those who’ve reached seniority, especially those who want to stay in shape.


Doing sports is one of the most fundamental hobbies for aging people. It’s one way they can keep themselves fit while having fun. However, it can be tough to get into sports as we grow older. We might have developed some immobility issues as we’ve grown older, considering that about half of seniors gain arthritis in the United States. But some sports out there don’t require too much from your body.


Archery is one of the most recommended sports among older adults. This is because it doesn’t require too much mobility to do. However, it does utilize your core and arm muscles. Both are which if you want to lose weight.

The number of people getting archery as a hobby in the United States has increased. It’s an attractive sport that’s quite underrated. Posture is crucial in archery, as well as skill and experience. Archery is a reasonably simple sport that’s easy to learn but hard to master. This is an essential trait that every good sport has. However, what makes archery stand out is how it can burn calories.

Archery can burn about 100 calories if you do it for 30 minutes. It burns even more if you have more weight. This is the equal amount of calories you would have burned from cardio exercises such as squats. It’s such a good sport for older adults because you don’t need too much mobility to do it, and it burns a decent amount of calories.


If you want something that’s less adrenaline-pumping and more calming, then fishing is an excellent sport for you. Sportfishing is a remarkably calming sport, but one that’s competitive enough that it should feel like you’re playing a real sport.

Essentially, sport fishing sets out a couple of experienced anglers against each other. Then, within a couple of days, they’re required to catch as many fish as possible within a particular area. This can be as stressful as other sports out there but can be much more calming because it’s usually just you and the calm seas.

Fishing doesn’t burn as many calories as other sports on this list. It also requires a lot of patience. However, it’s undoubtedly one of the most calming physical activities you can do.

Older couple playing golf


Golf is one of the most famous sports in the United States. About one in three Americans play golf. In numbers, that’s over a hundred million Americans playing this sport. It’s a fun sport and one that has enough competitive spirit that it can get people’s attention. The best part is that the sport is practically done for seniors because it doesn’t require that much mobility to play, and it exercises your back muscle more than any other sport out there.

This particular sport also burns a decent amount of calories. Compared to other sports in this list, golf might burn the most. It’s estimated that you can burn about 1,500 calories playing golf for two hours. That’s equal to a nine-hole round, the average holes of a singular golf game.

Golf is an excellent sport for senior adults because it doesn’t require too much physical mobility. It’s also a great social sport because you get to interact with your friends and other people in the field.

The sports on this list might not require that much movement from your body. However, they can still help you burn the calories you have accumulated throughout the years. Moreover, they can help with some immobility issues you might have. One other physical activity can help you with any mobility issues you might have while also dealing with some mental issues.


Meditation is one of the fastest-growing physical activities in the United States. So many seniors are doing this physical activity inside their own homes and with their friends. It’s an easy activity to start and one you can do yourself. It’s such an accessible sport that you can practically do it anywhere. Some in-home healthcare providers suggest this sport for many aging adults because of this reason. It doesn’t require too much physical preparation to do.

The best part about this physical activity is that it can also help you with any mental issues. For example, it’s been known to treat depression and anxiety also drastically reduce the chances of them happening to you.

If you’re reaching seniority, you must start doing these physical hobbies. They can help you stay in shape while having fun. So try them out whenever you can, and pick the right one for your lifestyle.






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