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Extend Your Car’s Life with These Six Tips

You’ll get the best out of your car if you maintain proper driving techniques and keep up with regular maintenance. The average lifespan of vehicles nowadays is 12.1 years, which you can achieve through proper maintenance that can also save you more money in the long run. Follow these easy tips to prolong the life of your vehicle:

Maintain Your Wheels

One of the most crucial parts of a vehicle is the wheels, so they require proper maintenance and attention. Your tires bear the constant strain of the road’s surface ripples, debris, and dirt to make sure you have a comfortable and safe drive.

Maintain regular cleaning of your wheels every week or two to keep them in top condition and dust-free. Use tire socks when storing your vehicle, especially during winter, to avoid cracking. These also provide tire and floor protection in case of repairs in the garage. Storing your tires properly will prolong their lifespan and avoid frequent replacement.

Drive with Care

Avoid fast starts and high-speed driving for less wear and tear on your vehicle. You’ll also avoid accidents and save money on gas by practicing safe driving techniques such as avoiding speeding. It can waste gas and force your engine to work harder, so run at constant speeds to make it perform its best.

Prepare Your Car for Long-term Storage

If you’re not using your car for at least a month, make sure to store it properly to avoid any damages when you return. Follow these tips to preserve your car’s state:

Use a weatherproof car cover

It’s ideal to store your car in the garage to maintain a stable temperature. You can also opt to put it in a storage facility if you don’t have a garage. But if you have to leave it outside, use a weatherproof car cover to keep it dry and clean.

Avoid flat spots

Leaving your car for a long time can cause flat spots on the tires due to your car’s weight. Ensure the tires are properly inflated, or take them off if you’re going to leave them for more than one month. Don’t forget to place jack stands to support your car.

Clean your car before putting it away

Even if you’re leaving your car away, it’s a good idea to clean it thoroughly to maintain its good condition. Remove water stains, grease, or mud, then give it a coat of wax.

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Clean the Interior Regularly

Preserve your car’s interior by maintaining regular cleaning or detailing. It will help avoid damaging the upholstery of your car and keep it looking beautiful and new. Well-maintained car interiors prolong the life of a vehicle and boost its value over time.

A handy vacuum cleaner is effective in cleaning the carpets and seats of your car. It helps prevent excess wear and tear and the growth of bacteria. Remember to use the correct wand as it can scratch surfaces when used incorrectly.

Keep microfiber cleaning cloths in your car as they are perfect for cleaning its interior and exterior. They easily pick up any dirt and liquid and are versatile enough to clean the dashboard, windows, and more.

Maintain Good Upholstery

High-quality car upholstery can increase your car’s value when maintained in good condition. Invest in good upholstery that requires little maintenance and can make your car last longer. You can choose leather car seats as they are durable and easy to clean or opt for fabric seats as they are more temperature-sensitive and resilient to wear and tear.

Protect Your Car Paint

Your car’s first line of defense against rust or abrasions is your car paint. Protect it by keeping it in the garage or putting a weatherproof car cover when not in use. Apply a coat of wax after washing to remove any dirt and protect it from the elements.

Don’t forget to immediately remove bird droppings on your car as they can be harmful to the paint. Bird droppings are highly acidic and can ruin your car’s paint even with a clear coating. Invest in a good car cover for protection, preferably with a layer of cushioning for added defense against any accidental crash.

Regardless of the make and model of your vehicle, the best way to make it last a long time is through proper maintenance. A clean and well-maintained ride can make you feel good and ensure the safety of everyone on board. Follow these tips to make the most of your car’s value and keep it efficient through the years.

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