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Four Essential Home Improvements to Make Before You Have Kids

If you’re about to become a parent, congratulations! The journey of parenthood is an amazing one that comes with a lot of challenges but also a lot of rewards.

In general, children and babies are inherently curious creatures. This means they like to explore the world around them. Unfortunately, however, this also means they are likely to get into an accident. It’s estimated that about 2,000 children die worldwide due to home-related accidents. So before you bring your bundle of joy home for the first time, there are a few changes you should make to your home to ensure that it’s safe and ready for a baby. Here are five essential home improvements to make before you have kids.

Baby-proofing Your Home

One of the most important things you can do before your baby arrives is to make sure your home is safe for them. Start by baby-proofing your electrical outlets and covering any exposed cords with cord covers. You should also install safety gates at the top and bottom of any stairs in your home and use child safety locks on all doors and cabinets. It’s also good to invest in child-friendly furniture.

Investing in Child-Friendly Furniture

If you don’t already have kid-friendly furniture in your home, now is the time to invest in some pieces that will better suit your needs as a parent. For example, instead of a coffee table with sharp edges, get one with rounded corners or eliminate it and replace it with a small stool that your child can use when they want to reach something high up. You should also look for soft furnishings like bean bag chairs or floor pillows that your child can lounge on while playing. And don’t forget to invest in A comfy glider or rocking chair for nursing or feeding time!

If you can’t afford these things, consider investing in foam. All you have to do is install them on the edges of your furniture, and they’ll protect your child if they fall or bump into something.

Make Your Outdoor Space Safer

There’s a good chance that your child would like to spend some time outside. However, this part of your home can be one of the most dangerous. Consider these options when making your outdoor space safer.

Safe Garden

If you have a garden, you must make it as safe as possible for your child. Start by removing any poisonous plants and keeping them out of reach. You should also ensure that any garden tools or chemicals are stored in a shed or garage. If you don’t have the time for this, consider hiring an experienced garden designer for the job. They’ll know which plants are safe for children and how to child-proof your garden.


You must fence off your pool or any other body of water on your property. This will prevent your child from accidentally falling in and drowning. A fence should be four feet high and have a self-closing gate. You should also put up a fence around any other potential hazards on your property, such as a trampoline or a swing set.

A nice outdoor space safe for children

Creating a Play Area

Babies need a lot of stimulation, and they learn best through play. They are required to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. That’s why creating a dedicated play area for them in your home is essential. Here’s how you can build one yourself:

Find the Right Space

First, you’ll need to find a space in your home that’s big enough for your child to play in. If you don’t have a lot of extra space, consider setting up the play area in your living room or basement.

Choose Safe and Durable Materials

Next, you’ll need to choose safe materials for your child and durable enough to withstand some wear and tear. Some good options include foam mats, interlocking floor tiles, and carpet squares. You should also get some soft toys or balls for your child to play with.

Set Up the Play Area

Once you’ve gathered all the needed materials, it’s time to set up the play area. Start by assembling the foam mats or interlocking tiles in the designated space. Then, add the soft toys and balls. You can also hang colorful mobiles or mirrors to keep your child entertained.

Organizing Your Space

Once you have kids, it will seem like their toys are everywhere — and they probably will be! So to help keep their things organized (and to prevent yourself from going crazy), it’s important to designate specific areas for their stuff throughout your home. For example, create a toy corner in the living room where all their toys can be stored when they’re not in use. In their bedroom, try using baskets or containers to keep their clothes and toys, so everything has its place. And in the bathroom, put out age-appropriate toiletries and towels so they can reach them quickly when needed.

Having a child is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. But it’s also a lot of work! So by taking time to prepare your home ahead of time, you can focus on enjoying your new bundle of joy instead of worrying about safety hazards.

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