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Entertaining Tips for Students and Young Professionals

Socialisation is at the core of every young person’s life. Most young professionals and students will spare no expense attending all the happenings and parties in town, and frequenting what passes now as social gatherings. Their finances, nonetheless, keep them from affording these seemingly endless events.

It is easy to go through your entire paycheck or student allowance within a few days if you are not careful. With some prudent choices, you can still get the highest level of entertainment without spending so much.

The solution lies in hosting friends in your hostel, the least costly among the available cheap accommodations in London. Most people living in these dwellings assume their space is too limited to host a large group of people and thus steer clear of this option.

With the right furniture arrangement, however, you can do this and have the time of your life without causing too much disturbance to other tenants. Moreover, there are now spacious and private hostel rooms that can host larger groups.

Here are a few handy tips to help you plan a get-together.

Serve Appetisers and Snacks

People get a bit anxious when they are waiting for your food to be ready. They might even start milling around your food preparation area and make the process difficult. The best choice is to prepare the meals way before the guests check in so that there is maximum available floor space in your hostel room.

If this is impossible, get some snacks and appetisers to keep the guests occupied while waiting for the food. These need not be exceptional chef-like items but can be simple things like popcorns and soda or juice.

Host with Joy

Friends having coffee and tea while chatting on the couch

In most cases, party hosts will barely enjoy their function. To guarantee this does not happen, take a few minutes to relax way before your guests arrive. This way, you will be in the right frame of mind when they arrive.

A joyful host will be the light of the whole event and will definitely make guests feel right at home. Moreover, you can also interact with them and get to make new friends this way.

Plan Activities

Your event will be remembered as the most boring one people have attended if there are no activities for the guests to engage in. Do not assume these will freely flow in your event. Plan them carefully, and you can even include games your guests can enjoy.

Have Cosy Sitting Areas

Irrespective of the size of your hostel room, have some comfortable sitting areas. These will make guests feel comfy, and they encourage conversations. Creating cosy seating spaces need not mean high-end furniture. Even foldable chairs, comfy pillows, plush carpets and ottomans can suffice for the occasion.

Hosting of events is not reserved for those with big houses and high-end apartments. With the above tips, you can manage your own for a small group of friends to watch a movie, have a dinner date or just chill. This will significantly save you on the expenses associated with going out often to socialise.​

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