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4 Great DIY Ideas for Your Backyard during Winter

There’s something about the winter season that’s both fun and sad. Since it’s cold outside, most of us will stay indoors to enjoy the heating system’s warmth. But it also tends to get boring when there’s nothing better to do but play board games and watch movies.

Thankfully, you have a bit of a backyard to play around with for those of you living in the suburbs. In the summer, the backyard becomes our favorite part of the property. But during winter, it’s safe to say no one even journeys outside to stay there.

If you don’t know that you can do a lot of things in your backyard, even during the coldest months of the year, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Like all the other seasons, winter can be a productive time for anyone who likes to do do-it-yourself projects. And if there’s any other place in your property that’s perfect for a DIY project, it’s your very own backyard.

Light It Up

There is nothing cozier than warm lights during winter. Swap your cool white outdoor lights for some warm glow that will instantly make your backyard a cozy place to stay in. You can do this yourself easily since all you need are some warm bulbs to light up your backyard landscape. It’s even better if you have a pergola or a patio since you can dress it up with string lights that can give your place a dreamy ambiance.

The warm lights will not only cast a warm glow on the backyard, but they will also emit a warmth that will make the backyard a nice and cozy place to stay in even in the dead of winter. In fact, if you want to entertain guests, there might be a way for you to host them in your backyard by simply switching to a lot of warm light bulbs.

Close the Deck

If you want to add space to your home, why not put up temporary walls around your deck? The deck is a nice place to have during summer and spring when the weather is perfect for a barbecue. But during winter, it can be a nuisance to maintain. You need to remove the snow that gathered there and salt the flooring so it won’t be slippery to people and pets. You would also need to store the deck furniture in your basement or garage, then take them out again when the weather is nice.

You can put together planks of wood and close them up temporarily against the snow and wind. It’s a better and easier idea if your deck already has a roof, so that means closing up only the sides to make it warm and cozy. Make sure that you put cozy outdoor lounge chairs with big cushions and throw blankets. In the winter, you can turn this into a hobby area or a playroom for the family.

Create a Coffee Corner

Winter is a great season because it’s a nice time to just sit in the corner of a window seat and watch as time passes. A cup of coffee or hot chocolate in your hands will make you warm enough to stay on that spot for hours. But what makes this picture even more inviting is the fact that you can do it outdoors, too, if you exert enough effort to create a coffee or tea corner in your backyard. If you have a covered patio there, you can set up a small table with coffee and tea condiments.

Build a Fire Pit

Nothing says winter than spending time around a fire pit that you made yourself. Find a nice space in the backyard that’s away from the house, so you don’t get into an accident. Most hardware stores already have a do-it-yourself fire pit, making it incredibly easy to build one when you need it. Fire pits come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose the best one that pairs nicely with your house’s overall theme and design.

There are a lot of things you can do in your backyard during winter. Aside from building a structure that can be a space for entertaining guests, the backyard is also where you can work out during winter when it’s too much for you to drive or walk to the gym. You can run around the backyard (as long as you clear up the snow) for a cardio workout, or you can do some fun winter activities with the kids. Take advantage of that space by planning ahead and gathering the materials you need.

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