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Deck and Patio Trends to Explore This 2021

One of the best ways we can elevate our living situation in the time of intermittent lockdowns is by investing in a patio or a deck in our backyard. If we can’t go outside, we need to find ways to bring nature into our homes. Having access to nature, even from the comfort and safety of our homes, is one of the best ways to keep ourselves mentally healthy in the time of COVID-19, self-isolation, and quarantine. Now more than ever, we need to find ways to invest in and prioritize outdoor living to gain a semblance of normalcy. Here are some functional and stylish deck and patio trends worth exploring this 2021.

Barbecue station

The best kind of decks and patios are ones where we can do more than sitting. For homeowners who love cooking, a special barbecue station is worth considering because food tastes better when cooked over an open flame. At the same time, this open living option can provide your kids a camping experience that they might miss due to the COVID-19 crisis. Whether it’s a gas grill, smoker, griddle, conventional oven, or pizza oven, outdoor kitchens can make an outdoor living space look good when done with the right lighting and when provided with matching furniture.

Media area

Another way to turn your outdoor living area into a haven during the quarantine period is by converting it into a media area where you and your kids can watch TV or play video games. There’s nothing like catching up on a football game with the fresh breeze of nature to remind you of how it feels to watch actual games. There are plenty of weather-proof outdoor television sets that you can look into to ensure that your device is prepared for the elements.

Another option is to leave one wall blank so you can have space to project a screen. You can also add some string lights to set the mood whenever you and your family watch or play in the media area. There’s nothing like cuddling together under the stars while watching some of your favorite movies to help keep you and your family feel connected through the quarantine.

Water therapy

2021 is a great time to invest in a swimming pool, especially one that’s specifically designed and engineered to provide therapeutic features. Hot tubs and “swim spas” are all the rage these days, and understandably so—people want relief from their rising anxiety and stress levels, and there are plenty of health benefits to a relaxing and calming soak after a long workday. At the same time, there are many creative ways to incorporate these water therapy features into an outdoor living space so that the pool or tub interacts well with the deck or the patio.

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Fire tables

Another experience that your kids might be missing out on is camping, and one way to regain this loss is by investing in fire tables. And it’s not just for your kids; remember when you and your friends enjoyed making smores when you were camping? You can recreate that precious memory from the comforts of your home with the right fire tables and pits. There are many no-smoke designs in the market that you can choose from, and with styles that will look great with whatever design you choose to go for in your deck or patio. A well-placed fire table or pit can also keep you and your loved ones warm when you decide to have family bonfires during winter.

Spacious decks and shade structures

When you go for backyard structures like pavilions, arbors, and pergolas, a shade structure is necessary to keep temperatures at a comfortable level and help you enjoy nature without being exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Consult with local awning experts to help you find the perfect shade design for your expended deck or patio—a good awning can offer the illusion of more space in your yard or porch, which can enhance your house’s curb appeal. It’s also a good way to add room when you have celebrations and family gatherings because they provide a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living areas. COVID-19 may still be here, but it’s never too early to start planning your post-pandemic parties.

The patio or deck of your dreams may incorporate one or all of these designs, depending on what outdoor activity you miss and what you want to recreate from the safety of your home. If you have enough funds set aside for this project, don’t hesitate to go for it; your mental health deserves it.

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