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Day Trip With the Kids: Best Places to Explore Near Manila

With the summer vacation fast approaching, everyone is planning exciting trips to take and activities to do with the whole family. Parents look forward to these months to unwind and enjoy exploring places with their kids.

However, it sometimes takes a lot of planning to come up with an itinerary, buy tickets and book a van for rent in Manila. If you’re coming from the province, there’s also the issue of booking flights and accommodation. All these should suit the family’s budget and schedules. Otherwise, it will remain nothing but a lovely adventure that never happened.

If you’re traveling with kids, going very far is not ideal. You can explore Manila and neighboring cities with a rented vehicle so that you don’t spend the whole day and all of your energy driving around.  Here are some kid-friendly destinations near Manila for a day trip or an overnighter for the whole family.

Nuvali Parks and Nature

Nuvali used to be a favorite stopover for travelers visiting Laguna and Tagaytay, but soon it has become a destination for families wanting to explore an eco-friendly and kid-friendly place. The children will rave about the water taxi ride and Koi feeding activities. It’s a great place for family bonding and picnics. There are also nearby commercial complexes and hotels for accommodation.

Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure

Just a couple of hours from Manila, Zoobic Safari in Subic Bay offers a lot of educational and exciting activities for all. They have amazing attractions such as the Tiger Safari Ride, Serpentarium, Zoobic Cave, Savannah, and Aeta’s Trail. The place is worth the family’s time, and it’s budget-friendly, too.

While still in Subic Bay, the family may also want to check out Ocean Adventure for a marine-rich educational experience. The place is impressive with great shows and staff. The main attractions are the Dolphin Shows and Sea Lion Shows.

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Sky Ranch and Picnic Groove in Tagaytay

Tagaytay has many kid-friendly places to visit during the hot summer months. The place still has a cool climate, so many city dwellers make it a point to visit during summer. The family can enjoy the gigantic Ferris Wheel and the carnival.

Another family favorite park to visit in the area is the Picnic Grove. This has been proven kid-friendly with a breathtaking view of Taal Volcano and Lake. Picnic Grove has a wide play area, zip line and a beautiful garden that kids won’t tire exploring. There’s no shortage of accommodation options in Tagaytay that are proven kid and budget-friendly for the whole family.

Mind Museum, Manila Ocean Park and Intramuros

If malls are no longer on the list, but the family doesn’t want to go far from the city, the Mind Museum, Manila Ocean Park and Intramuros are great kid-friendly destinations to explore.

The Mind Museum is a very kid-friendly facility that will feed every child’s curiosity in science and all the wonders of the world. Manila Ocean Park, on the other hand, is a world-class marine facility that kids of all ages will love. After exploring the ocean park, the family may check out and allow the kids to play at Rizal Park or Intramuros.

You don’t have to go far to enjoy the weekend with the kids. Make sure to involve them in the planning too so that you’ll know what they really want to do and where they want to go.

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