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Curb Appeal: How to Improve It to Enhance Your Home

Real estate is expensive, especially in Seattle, which ranks the third most expensive in the country. It shouldn’t come off as a surprise, then, when we find ourselves wanting to care for our homes that it remains in a state similar to when it was newly constructed.

There are several ways to achieve such a feat. Many focus on the interior, which is fine since this is the part of the home that we usually see. However, in this endeavor, to improve or maintain what’s inside our homes, we end up forgetting another essential component of our properties — the exterior.

The exterior is important for many reasons. One, it’s the part that protects the interior of our homes from outside forces like the weather. Two, it’s also the part that people see the first (and succeeding) time they look at our properties. That is why we should strive not only to maintain our curb appeal but improve upon it as well.

Clean Up

Since it’s always vulnerable to the weather and dirt, our exteriors are naturally more prone to stains and other messes. Hence, the fastest and, perhaps, easiest way of improving our curb appeal is to clean it up.

If you have done this prior but still encounter plenty of dirty windows or clogged up gutters, it’s time for that cleaning to become more frequent in your household. This is especially true in places like Seattle, where it feels like it’s always raining and trees are abundant in most neighborhoods.

Do you not have time? Check out local businesses that specialize in window and gutter cleaning around Seattle. Not only are they experts at their jobs, but most of them offer fair price points as well.

Go Green

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A house devoid of greenery is a sad-looking house. That is why we need to put in the extra effort to bring life to our front and back lawns, as a means of boosting its beauty. Consider box planters to frame your windows, or start your own flower or vegetable garden. You can even line up the walkway leading up to your house for that extra oomph. Not only do these plants bring color to your front lawn, but it’s also possible to make them edible with the right help and equipment.

Keep It Green

Now that you’ve had some greenery on your property, or maybe you’ve had it for quite some time, remember that its beauty, as well as your home’s beauty, won’t be quite visible if shrubberies and trees aren’t well-kept and manicured. Water your plants every week if you can’t do it daily. Trim the hedges and shrubs if they’re overgrown.

If it isn’t possible to add these to your list of chores, consider hiring trained professionals for both gardening and landscaping. They can do all of these and even help with fertilization, resulting in healthier plants and better produce if you have an edible garden.

On the other hand, trees need to be pruned every few years, depending on what kind of tree it is. This not only amplifies the aesthetic of your front lawn but also keeps it safe. It gives robbers less of a hiding spot and lessens the blockage found in your gutters from the leaves.

Curb appeal is an essential aspect of homeownership, regardless of whether you have any plans to sell your home. It refines the aesthetics of your home, making it more appealing, and helps deter crime from happening on your property.

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