Crafts That Have a Purpose: Making Your Spare Time Useful

The sense of accomplishment when you make something can be a great feeling. But it is even better if you make something that you can use in your daily life. There are a lot of arts and crafts that are mainly for decorative purposes. But if you are going to work on something that looks good, you should also consider making it functional.

Here are some crafting skills that you can learn, which can produce things you will find useful every day:


One of the more useful crafting hobbies is sewing. In the past, this was an essential skill since people didn’t buy their clothes from the local store. In more modern times, sewing is still relevant. You can use it to repair damaged clothes and refurbish old ones. If you are really good and dedicated, you can use your skills to create complete clothes, whether it is shirts, blouses, or more. At the start, you’ll learn some basic skills but eventually, you’ll be confident enough to take a simple pattern and creating an outfit that you want to use.


Knitting and sewing may seem initially related, but they are completely different in execution. Sewing uses thread to match fabric together to form clothes. With knitting, you create the actual fabric that makes up the clothes. It is also a lot more time-consuming. Starting from thread or yarn, a knitter creates rows of loops. The result is a complete creation without cuts or seams.

Learning to knit is also pretty easy but you’ll need the dedication to keep on the project. The basic skills you’ll need are how to make a slip knot and to start. Additionally, you’ll have to learn how to knit and burl stitch. Once you have the basics down, you can work on basic patterns like s scarf or a dishcloth.

homemade candles

Candle Making

While candles may seem outdated considering electrical lights, they are still useful in various situations. Having a stock of candles handy can make it much easier when an emergency strikes. There are also occasions in which candles are much better than LED lights. For example, when you want a romantic dinner with your partner.

There are several candle-making courses available online and you can easily learn how to make your candles. It’s very affordable and you can mix in your unique touch like scents. When you’re good enough, you can gift your candles to friends and family, which is a nice sentimental gift.

Soap Mixing

Mixing your soap shouldn’t be that complicated. It is a good foundation for those who want to start mixing their cosmetics. If you can cook, then you can start making your soap. It won’t have the disinfectant properties of commercial soap but it will wash away germs if properly used.

As for beginner’s recipes, you can find them easily online, along with the necessary ingredients. All you’ll need is a basic soap base and additional fillers and fragrances to make it a bit fancy. Follow the instructions carefully and you should have the basics done in no time. You can then move on to more complex cosmetics.


For those who are good with their hands, woodworking can be a great crafting skill. Instead of buying furniture or hiring people for repairs, you can make your own. Unlike other crafting hobbies, this one can get expensive. You’ll need a good workshop to create some good items. Start with something basic like a wooden box or two. You can then move on to bird feeders and chairs. For those who are experienced, crafting a full cabinet or work desk would not be unreasonable.


Another crafting hobby that might require some major investment is pottery. If you develop good enough skills in it, you can be making pots, dishes, and more. It is advisable to attend a formal class for pottery so that you can have an experienced pottery teacher. A class environment will also have some necessary equipment. When you are confident enough in your skills, you can buy a home kiln and a pottery wheel of your own. This will allow you to make your pottery creations at home.

Learning some of these crafting skills can be a good investment. Whether it is a skill in sewing or being good at carpentry, craft skills can allow you to make your home better through your own hands. You won’t be immediately good at it but you will be able to work on it. With developed skills, you should be able to use what you create around the house with no problem.

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