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Tourism Policy Responses to COVID-19 During Holiday

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to grow, and as such, the need for travelers to be aware of the potential risks associated with international travel is ever more pressing. In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of 10 COVID-19 holiday policies that travelers need to observe to minimize their risk.

Be optimistic, be prepared, and don’t panic

If you adhere to these simple words of advice before going on holiday — i.e., optimistically assume that the place you’re visiting will not have an outbreak or a confirmed case of COVID-19. Then, if anything does happen while you’re away, you won’t be caught off-guard.

Protip: Starting a month before your holiday and continuing right up to the day you return, visit your doctor for checkups to make sure you are healthy and safe enough to travel. It’s also wise to have vaccinated before you travel. Countries like Singapore will only let in vaccinated individuals.

Keep a watchful eye on the situation in your destination before going

As well as following our other advice, it’s important to monitor the news in your destination country or region before you travel. This includes but is not limited to checking the travel advice section of your country’s embassy website for updates.

Protip: In some countries, the embassy website may not include a travel advice section. In this case, we recommend using major search engines such as Google and Bing to track local information in your destination country or region

Keep abreast of any recent developments in your destination while abroad

To keep an eye on the situation in your destination country or region while you’re away, we recommend checking the news regularly. You can do this by picking up newspapers and reading them as often as possible during your stay abroad, as well as following any news updates on popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Protip: For those of you who wish to remain connected with your family and friends while you’re abroad, we recommend bringing a smartphone.

If an outbreak occurs, take the necessary precautions

If COVID-19 does break out in your destination country or region while you’re away, be sure to avoid crowded places such as public transportation hubs or tourist attractions. For the full list of recommendations, we recommend checking with your local authority or embassy in your destination country or region

Protip: In many cases, however, if you find yourself in a crowded place and an outbreak begins right there and then, flee immediately

If you can’t avoid crowded areas, be vigilant and avoid direct contact

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Suppose you’re unable to avoid crowded areas such as markets or shopping centers. In that case, we recommend exercising caution and avoiding any form of direct contact with others, especially in cases where they appear feverish or seem to be coughing often.

Protip: Having public transport app that can provide you with real-time traffic information can also be very helpful. For example, when you’re visiting Singapore, an app called SMRT can help you navigate the city in the most efficient way possible. The app can prevent you from taking the wrong bus or station, further lessening your exposure to the virus.

If travel becomes problematic, cancel your trip and head home

If COVID-19 breaks out or begins to break out while you’re away, some countries may introduce travel restrictions or prohibitions on travel, so it’s important to check with your local authority. In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak, we recommend canceling all plans and heading home as soon as possible

Protip: If you’re currently away and can’t get home for any reason, we recommend finding accommodations that offer maximum protection to the greatest degree possible

Work with reliable travel agencies to minimize the risk of exposure

When it comes to travel, whether you’re on a group tour or exploring your destination on your own, be sure to work with reliable travel agencies or tour operators who can provide advice on how best to avoid contracting COVID-19. By working closely with these organizations, you can minimize the level of risk you are exposed to during your holiday.

Protip: Check with your travel agency or tour operator beforehand to see if they offer anything in the way of COVID-19 protection.

Follow country-specific COVID-19 safety protocol

In addition to avoiding crowded areas and dealing with travel problems, we also recommend checking to see what local COVID-19 Protocols and country-specific COVID-19 guidelines your destination has instated to reduce or prevent potential exposure to the disease. You can find this information by checking with your local authority or embassy.

Protip: We recommend checking with your travel agency or tour operator to see if they work closely with local authorities or embassies for this information.

Prioritize Safety

COVID-19 is a serious disease that can have devastating consequences. The more you know about how it’s transmitted, the better chance of avoiding contracting COVID-19 and bringing it back to your destination country or region with you.

Take advantage of these guidelines when traveling to minimize the risk of spreading the virus while traveling this year.

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