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What College Courses Should You Take If You Want to Travel?

For many people, it is their lifelong mission to travel the world. Many of them feel that they should not settle down and start a family unless they have seen the world. The pandemic might have hampered those plans for now, but people are bound to travel again once governments said it is safe to do so. If you love to travel, you shouldn’t have to wait for your two-week paid vacation to take effect. You should make traveling part of your job.

How do you do that? You should consider your job goals, as well as how to get to them. For those in college now and would love to see the world in the future, ask yourself this: am I finishing a degree that will literally take me places? For those in the workforce, can you perhaps learn new skills that will open the avenues of traveling?

Millions of people travel the world for work. They attend conferences and meet with clients. They visit warehouses and manufacturing plants. But on the side, they see cultural events, attend shows, and experience a different culture. They discover ancient histories.

Getting a job that pays you to travel is not completely tied to your college degree. Plenty of people work jobs that they did not study for. However, getting the appropriate degree will make the path easier to take on. It will also open more opportunities and lessen the risks of failure.


The best college degree to take you to different parts of the globe is, believe it or not, education. If English is your primary language, you can major in it and teach it as a second language to migrants in many countries. You can get a job as an English teacher in a boarding school abroad. If you love to see Asia, its schools also employ native English speakers. Japan and China also hire teachers from English-speaking nations. The best thing about this is the pay is good. You may also get free accommodations.

You can focus on getting an elementary education and secondary education degree. Early childhood education is good, too, although those two mentioned earlier are in high demand. As an educator, you will spend many hours inside the classroom, but you will also have enough free time to see the world.


Another great college degree for travel is journalism. Being a journalist allows you to see the world from a different perspective. Some news agencies will send you to war-torn countries where, aside from the nice tourist places, you will get a glimpse of the real-world issues. Traveling as a journalist is an eye-opener, but it also provides many opportunities to experience the world. You can become a freelance journalist and work from any point of the globe. All you will need is your laptop and a stable internet connection.



Courses related to aviation, of course, get the most chance of seeing the world. Whether you’re an aeronautical engineer or a pilot, you will parts of the world not many will get to experience. You will also make good money so whether or not touring is part of your schedule when you fly, you will still have the money to revisit some of these places later on. Of course, aviation courses are not exactly easy. You need a good grasp of mathematics to fly or fix a plane.


Nurses are in demand everywhere. If you want to see more of the world or migrate to another country, be a nurse. It has become a multi-faceted degree because you can work in a hospital setting, a corporate setting, a neighborhood clinic, or a long-term care facility. You might even think about working for the military if you want to serve your country. There are many travel opportunities for nurses, especially if you’re from a developing country .

Foreign Service

A career in foreign service is one of the best ways to travel the world. Not only are you serving your government, but you’re also meeting a lot of dignitaries. You’ll be rubbing elbows with high-ranking officials. As a foreign service worker, you can get deployed to different parts of the globe—to as far as South America and Africa. There will be a lot of travel opportunities and chances to learn about different cultures and traditions.

Traveling the world is not a pastime alone. It can be a part of your actual work. If you’re dreaming to see more of the world, decide on a college degree that will take you everywhere. This way, you will be hitting two birds with one stone—you will travel the world and earn at the same time.

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