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Clever Ways to Achieve the Retro Vibe for Your Home

Film director Wes Anderson is known for his creative visual styles and his noticeable color palettes in his films. His aesthetics are perfect for people who love colors, space, and most importantly, taking photos.

People love to show off their homes especially on Instagram. So, what if you could turn your house into one of those aesthetic Wes Anderson film-like spaces and save yourself the trouble of looking for graffiti walls to take photos of? Worry no more.

With a bit of renovation, especially at the front of your house, you could have your house look like something straight from a Hollywood film.

Consider Wall Colors

Red, blue, and yellow: these three colors may seem awful combined just by imagining them, but with the right combination, they might actually work. These colors give off a warm, saturated 80s retro vibe. The front of your house walls painted in any of these colors would surely give you the attention among your neighbors. Maybe enough to get them to use your house as their own Instagram background. Don’t worry about standing out too much in the neighborhood, aesthetics is never a thing to be ashamed of.

Space is Important

Apart from standing out using vibrant paint colors, space is also important to consider. Your house must not only look widely spacious from the outside, but it should also feel as homey as it does on the inside. How do you do that exactly without actually showing too much from the inside? Through your windows of course. By installing window shutters, your Fair Haven home will look not just welcoming, but aesthetically pleasing as well. They give off the perfect retro and chill vibe you are aiming for.

Exterior Cladding

Exterior cladding installationWhen you think of beauty, you need to automatically think of the maximum version. If you can afford cladding the exterior of your home, then why not go for it? Cladding and other exterior finishes are not only a great option for the retro vibe, but it is also convenient for the exterior of your house. Clads age well, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting out of style. Through cladding, you’re not only giving your home an added aesthetic value, but you’ll also be fortifying the strength of your exteriors.

Bricks are a Solid Choice

There’s absolutely nothing more old school than using bricks. No matter what other people say, bricks will stand the test of time. They will always look pretty in pictures and they will always be sturdy so your safety isn’t something you have to worry about.

There’s just something about seeing bricks that make us feel nostalgic. It doesn’t matter which part of your exterior you wish to use bricks on—though roofs and walls or maybe even chimneys are preferable—as long as it’s visible to the eye, you wouldn’t have to worry.

We all love old-school architectural houses. We even travel miles and miles away just to see these types of buildings and take pictures with them. And while they may look to be a lot of work, they’re clearly not impossible to emulate.

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