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Safe Zone: 6 Car Gadgets to Make Driving Safer

You may be a great driver, but if you have been driving for any amount of time, you know that sometimes the danger is out of your hands. Car safety can take many forms, and you can do a lot to ensure your safety, but other drivers can still cause you some serious trouble. The only defense you have for an unexpected car accident is a good auto accident attorney. But, outside of such situations, there are many ways to make your car into the safest space you can have for emergencies.

There are several gadgets that are designed to help make your driving experience a safer one. Even your parking safety is assured by the advent of backup cameras that help you to park easily. Learn all about the gadgets that can help your car to be your safe zone at all times.

Bluetooth Adapter

A Bluetooth adapter is an easy way to get your old car into the new age. Now you can listen to your music, take calls, and listen to the GPS without worry. Even if all you use it for is listening to music, this still makes you a lot safer than before. Having to look at the radio to change channels and make adjustments could be the split-second you needed to make a decision to save your life.

Sun Visor Extender

The sun has not received the memo that it must only shine on the small area covered by your car’s sun visor. This means that you may easily find yourself blinded by the glare as you are driving. Naturally, this is a recipe for disaster, especially on a hill or a busy road.

An extender for your sun visor can keep you from getting blinded as it will block more of the light. These visors are designed to provide more side and downward coverage so that you cannot only avoid being blinded but see the dashboard better as well.

Road Flares 

These are not new safety items, but the new-age versions that use LED lights are better for safety than the old models. These LED road flares are highly visible without being blinding to oncoming drivers. The batteries are long-lasting, and the light does not dim from overheating or constant use.

In the event of a breakdown, this is your best bet to be safe and warn other drivers as you wait for help to come.

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Adjustable Baby Mirror

This is an essential item for parents with small babies. These mirrors are designed to give you a clear view of your baby while they are in their rear-facing seat. Knowing that you can look up and check on your baby will make you a calmer and safer driver.

UV Window Shades

These are another excellent addition to the car if you have small children or plan to go on a road trip. Children burn easily and must be protected from the sun. There is only so much sunscreen can do, so these window shades add a layer of much-needed protection for your little one.

In addition, some newer shades also come with a heat indicator. They can let you know when the interior of the car is too warm. Sometimes, you may not notice the heat rising as you drive on a long road, but it can impair your vision and dry you out. These indicators are also great for letting you know to air out the car and cool it down before getting in after it has been parked in the sun for a while.

Car Air Purifier

People who suffer from allergies can have a rough time during the pollen season. Now, they and parents of small children and pets have an effective solution for ensuring that the air inside the car is pure and safe for breathing.

Air purifiers designed for cars are quiet and easy to install. They may be small, but they are very effective at their job. The air in your vehicle will not only become cleaner, but it will also eliminate damp upholstery smells, reduce pet odor, prevent mold, pollen, and dust. It will make the air inside the car inhospitable for viruses or bacteria to hang around in so you can be sure that you and your children can breathe freely in safety.


As you pick and choose the gadgets you think are best suited for your needs, don’t forget to upgrade your first aid kit. Updated first aid kids come with emergency blankets made of better and warmer material, as well as LED flashlights that are brighter and longer-lasting. These flashlights are also moisture-proof, which can help if you need to take a walk to the nearest gas station in the rain or slow.

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