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Want to Be Productive This Summer? Update Your House

When people think of summer, the ideas that come to mind are the beach, road trips and international vacations. Summer, however, is also the perfect season to begin sprucing up your house. From new surfaces to intricate accessories, you have endless ways to transform your house with a brand new look.

If you have nothing better to do at home and want to make your house feel bright and fresh in the summer, consider making decorative updates.

Here are a few ideas that will help you inspire a summer home makeover:

Change up the Flooring

This home improvement project is ideal for residential property owners who have a sizable budget to work with. Consider changing the floor as a long-term investment. If the flooring of your kitchen, for instance, has seen better days, consider updating it. You could, for example, install new kitchen vinyl flooring to refresh the appearance of this part of your house.

If you’re going to tackle this kind of project, refrain from improvising. Hire a reliable contractor who has years of experience in home remodeling and flooring installation. This professional can help you figure out the kind of flooring that makes for your residential property and walk you through the entire process with ease.

Replace Your Drapes

Curtains are incredibly useful during the winter months. They help keep out any drafts and give you privacy. During summer, though, you need lighter window treatments. So, get rid of the heavy curtain and replace them with something that screams summer.

Opt for sheer, gauzy curtains. These window treatments offer privacy while still allowing air circulation and light. Alternatively, you can install bamboo blinds. This gives your living space a natural element while still blocking out the bright afternoon sun.

Transform the Look of Your Couch

Blankets and throw pillows aren’t just great for the cold season. You can also include them in your summer decorations, as they can add interesting elements to your living room.

If you already have pillows present on your couch, replace the covers with something that reminds you of summer. Whether they have summer symbols or are brightly colored, you can expect that these pillows to freshen up the room.

Also, don’t forget to swap out the throw blanket you’re using with a new one this summer. Opt for a lighter and thinner material with a coordinating pattern or color to match the pillows. If the color of the throw pillows is yellow, for instance, get a blue blanket to give off a beach theme on your couch.

Update the Look of Your Outdoor Area

outdoors room

Is your outdoor space looking good this summer? If the answer is no, work on this part of your home.

You can start by putting down a solid weatherproof surface, such as composite decking. Incredibly durable and visually stylish, this solution never fails to leave a lasting impression. You can choose from contemporary colors that will satisfy any style scheme, from dark teak and walnut finishes to cool gray boards. Whatever you go with, make sure that the colors transform the look of your outdoor patios.

Once you’ve installed the ideal deck solution for your outdoor space, the next thing you should focus on is adding in the key furniture pieces. After all, an outdoor area won’t be complete without nice furniture.

When adding furniture, make sure that they are weatherproof. You want the pieces to look elegant and withstand the heat and the summer rain.

Give Your Entryway a Makeover

Although updating and decorating the various rooms in your house makes perfect sense, you shouldn’t overlook your entryway. This part of your home needs a summer makeover, as well.

Begin by adding more organization and storage to your entryway. A bench storage rack, for example, is a useful addition, as this helps keep your shoes and other footwear contained and organized. What’s more, it gives you a place to remove and put on your shoes.

The next step is to add new decorative elements to the entryway, such as an accent rug, wall art and tall plants. Bring in fresh and exciting colors or come up with a theme with these decorations.

If you want a dramatic change, think about installing a chandelier if you don’t have one of these already. This can make the entryway feel elegant and brand new. It can also impress guests. If you’re planning to invite a friend or a colleague from work to your home, a summer-themed entryway will surely leave a great and positive first impression.

So get moving this summer. Update your house for the warm and balmy months.

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