All About SecureSeal

SecureSeal is a topical skin safe adhesive that revolutionizes how you manage wound closure. Designed with your comfort and healing in mind, SecureSeal offers a fast, reliable, and minimally invasive alternative to traditional sutures or staples for surgical incisions or lacerations.

The technology behind SecureSeal is based on medical-grade cyanoacrylate, a powerful adhesive that creates a secure bond between the edges of a wound. Its unique formula is developed to work with the natural properties of your skin, ensuring optimal flexibility and strength as your wound heals.

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When you apply SecureSeal, you’ll notice that it forms a waterproof and microbial barrier, protecting your wound from infection and contaminants while showering or during other activities.

One key benefit of SecureSeal is its ease of application. There are no needles or additional trauma to the skin, which decreases discomfort, especially for children or those with needle anxiety. Additionally, the clear adhesive allows you and your healthcare provider to monitor the healing process without needing dressing changes or removal.

SecureSeal also reduces the time you spend in the healthcare setting, as it can be applied quickly and efficiently, allowing for a shorter procedure time and potentially even reducing the length of your hospital stay. The adhesive naturally sloughs off as your skin heals, so there’s no need for a follow-up appointment for suture or staple removal.


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