5 Things to Remember as Tile Setters

As with any profession, tile setting requires you to keep certain things in mind that pertain to the job at all times. For professional tile setters, there’s more that goes into this job than what we can list in a small article. Even so, according to the video “23 Year Old Starts $10K/Month Ceramic Tile Installation Business” by 6 Figure Revenue on YouTube, it’s possible to start a tile setting business even if you have other obligations like college, so you can get by in this industry with minimal experience as long as you keep these five things in mind.

First, you should remember how to set tiles.

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It’s a key skill in this industry and you won’t get very far if you forget how to set tiles correctly. Secondly, you’ll want to remember that practice makes perfect so you should practice your craft at every chance you get. If you’re not ready to start working on other people’s homes, you can practice by setting tile in your basement or your friends’ homes at a discount. Thirdly, you should know your worth and charge accordingly for your hard labor. Fourth, you’ll want to remember to file taxes for your business on time. Finally, remember why you started working in this industry if you start to feel burnt out.

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