Men’s Corner: Giving Themselves a Little Cave Time

Men also get overwhelmed by the events in their lives. They also need to spend quality time with themselves. In this case, it’s not about being with their partner. Men need this alone time to see and hear themselves out.

Meanwhile, masculine men often seek freedom one way or another. They are eager to find a place where they can think things through. Life can also become tough for men. In this case, a little cave time can help with their self-battles.

They will need this cave to recharge and develop their manliness. As a result, men can retreat to become stronger, more resilient, and re-calibrate themselves. In this case, men’s alone time is their way to feel that they are still in control.

Men’s Alone Time

The majority think that men are strong and good handlers of emotion. On the contrary, men also need to recharge. They also reach some point in time that life’s battles shake their strength. In this case, here’s how they spend their cave time:


Gadgets and machines are men’s toys. They are fond of playing video games. In some cases, their games require movements that they can’t let anyone see. Aside from that, they also explore the internet for technical specifications. These are for the gadgets and machines they’re working on at the moment.


Some men spend their alone time inside the gym. Men find protein shakes, muscle building, and lifting weights as excellent ways to relieve their stress. Aside from that, their fitness routines can boost their self-confidence. As a result, they feel happy about their body.

Couch potatoes

Men also want to slack alone. They can spend hours watching movies or their sports channel in their alone time. Netflix is one of the sources where they can load lots of movies. But men have to take note of the things to review in its SaaS agreement. An example of that is the end date of their subscription.

Comic enthusiasts

Even in the modern age, men still crave comics. They also access manga through the internet. In some cases, women find this immature. That is why men choose to do this during the time they are alone.

Catch up with friends

Men also have some catching up to do with their male friends. It’s the time when they can drink or eat out with them. In this case, it is the boys’ time. They also need this time to talk about stuff only men have interests in talking about between them.

Male pampering

Women are not the only ones who need to pamper themselves but also men. It can involve facial or body treatment. Recently, male pampering is becoming more popular. It allows men to relax and refresh themselves.

Sort out a problem

Men have this attitude of facing issues by themselves. They don’t like the idea of bothering anyone to ask for help. In this case, their alone time is when they want to find a solution or enlightenment about it.

Solo trip

Men are adventure-seekers. In this case, they often want to travel alone. In effect, they can do anything they want, even without any plans at all. They only move along and see what happens next. Solo trips often give them the character of being independent.

Do manly projects

Men are also a fan of DIY projects. They want to explore how creative they can be. Aside from that, they want to show everyone that they can be good at anything.

Given these points, men deserve the cave time they ask. It is not about distancing themselves from the ones they love. But it’s more of gaining back their usual selves. When they say they want to be alone, it doesn’t mean cutting off ties with anyone. Instead, it’s their quality time for themselves.

Furthermore, men are not often lonely when they ask for this alone time. They only want to discover and re-discover more about themselves. A man often finds his strength and power in his fortress of solitude. Thus, their alone time is as vital as a women’s me-time.

Generally, people often get the wrong idea about alone time. Solitude is a way to empower who you are. It also allows you to plan your life. Aside from that, it helps you solve your battles. Life has its up and downs, and most men don’t want anyone to see them in their lowest state.

Overall, giving men the time for themselves is crucial for them. As a result, this time can help them retain the manliness they have inside.

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