Fireplace: A DIY Project to Keep Your Home in Good Order

For millions of years, fire and man have been inseparable. In the stone age, caves became cozy homes for human hunters thanks to fire pits. Today, countless songs and memories have been dedicated to the classic brick fireplace. Whether it’s the glowing embers or the fire itself, there has always been something magical about fireplaces.

Of course, modern HVACs and thermostats have cast the fireplace aside as too unwieldy. Who needs hard-to-control fire when you have heat distributed all over the house?

Truth be told, it’s not only Santa Claus that should make the most out of fireplaces. For one, you really can’t underestimate the aesthetics. A fireplace makes your living room stand out. Talk about class.

Until the 1800s, for instance, English settlers in America preferred wood-burning fireplaces to heat their homes. Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s founding fathers, improved the design of the fireplace by introducing cast-iron inserts in 1741. Over time, however, fireplaces became not just essential to a living room’s function but also a statement of beauty.

As the man of the house, incorporating a fireplace in your property might just be the decision you need to get your house in order.

A Comfortable Home

You could take pride in your heating. Today’s HVAC systems are a lot more efficient in distributing heat around the house. No matter how great your heating is, drafty spots are bound to plague your home. More often than not, bedrooms and your living room can get too cold and uncomfortable.

This is where a fire hearth can be most useful. Putting one in your living room ensures there’s ample warmth to go around. In the process, you make your property as cozy as you want it to be without drastically increasing your monthly bills.

Connecting Everyone

Home is about the people in it. Chances are, petty quarrels could make your relationships frosty. This is perhaps the biggest contribution of fire pits: they can help make your relationships grow stronger.

Perhaps, all this goes back to the time when humans lived in caves. There’s no better way to start a conversation and bring about togetherness than when sitting and talking by the fire. The fire is where people gather, as it’s where the action is.

In the olden days, bereft of electricity, being around the fire meant seeing who you were talking to, not to mention watching the cooking happen. Imagine the great stories that must have been told with fire at the center of it all. We can consider these exchanges of ideas the start of human learning.

A 2014 study done at the University of Alabama confirmed this. The research found out that people become more sociable when observing a fire. Even better, their blood pressure dropped, which signaled that people become more relaxed in this setting.

Stunning Living Rooms


A fireplace surely makes your living room as inviting as possible. Guests always gravitate naturally toward the crackling fire, especially during the holidays. Add some wine, and you should have the time of your life. Hence, people have sought to make fireplaces as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Fireplaces have been undergone several makeovers. For one, a variety of stunning stone flourishes have adorned hearths. Certainly, giving cast stone makers a call in this regard should be wise before you lay a single brick on the project.

You can make your living room as eye-catching as possible. However, nothing can make this room feel more alive than a fireplace.

Heat Without Electricity

If you live in a place where natural disasters disrupt your days regularly, then a wood-burning hearth would be just the solution you need. It can give you much-needed warmth all year without relying on electrical energy. Using old wood can certainly be an advantage when a power outage comes. You can still enjoy living on your property, as keeping it warm isn’t a problem.

Plus, you won’t be hungry for dinner. Assuming you have enough supply of wood, you’d still be able to cook even when power is out.

Warmth All Year Long

It’s easy to conclude that a fireplace is only good for winter. However, summer nights may not be as warm as you want them to be. Sometimes, they can get chilly. That’s why some people also prefer an electric fireplace because they can use it all year round.

Fireplaces have come a long way from the fire pits that ancient man used in caves. Nevertheless, they’re as useful as ever. Not only can they put your house in order, but they can also give you the comfort you need every time.

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