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6 Tips to Relieve Anxiety

We’ve all had days when we felt extremely anxious or stressed. Anxiety is a normal emotion that everyone experiences once in a while. It can be uncomfortable sometimes, but there are things we can do proactively to relieve anxiety.

Medication can help, but it’s not the only solution. Little things that we do every day can have a significant impact on our emotions. The choices we make, thoughts we entertain, and even our habits, all play a part in molding our moods and feelings. Here are things you can do to relieve anxiety.


Did you know that people who live an inactive lifestyle are likely to be more anxious or stressed than those who exercise often? Exercise or physical activity can help boost our moods by producing endorphins. These are components in our bodies that can lighten the mood and improve how we feel. Even just short 30-minute exercises done three to five times a week can do a lot in improving our sense of physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep might seem a little hard to do, especially for those who experience intense anxiety. Their emotions can often hinder their ability to fall asleep. Minor changes in our daily routines can help. Simply keeping the room temperature at an optimal level, avoiding browsing your social media, and making sure the bed is comfortable will do a lot in helping you sleep.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

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It might be tempting to grab a few beers when you’re feeling anxious, but this isn’t helpful at all. It will even make you feel worse. The chemicals and ingredients in alcohol and caffeine can cause heightened anxiety and trigger panic attacks. So it’s a good idea to avoid them as much as possible. Choose to take detox drinks or water instead. Also, be careful of tea, sleeping pills, and other food with caffeine as an ingredient.

Schedule a time to acknowledge your emotions

This one might seem a little odd because anxiety can hit you at a time that you least expect it. But we’re not saying you should schedule your anxiety attacks. Instead, choose a time of day to spend 30 minutes dwelling on your thoughts. Think of what exactly makes you anxious. Doing this on purpose will help you address and acknowledge what your feeling, so you’ll be able to handle your emotions better when they strike.

Take deep breaths

When we’re feeling anxious, we usually tend to overthink and worry too much. This causes our brains to take a spiral of panic, not knowing if you’re physically or psychologically well. When anxiety hits, take a few minutes to focus on your breathing. Slowly breathe in, hold it for a second, and then breathe out. This will tell your brain that you’re okay and help you relax and calm down.

Do a relaxing activity that will help you clear your head

When we have a lot on our minds, it’s easy to fall anxious and worry about anything and everything. Take a step back for a moment and try to clear your head by taking a long walk, doing yoga, listening to music, etc. This will help relax your mind and calm you down.

If you’re experiencing intense anxiety attacks that you can no longer handle, it’s best to see a doctor or psychologist. It’s also helpful to take CBT sessions in Westport CT to better help you manage anxiety.

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