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5 Tips to Redecorate Your Restaurant

When picking a restaurant, the food is the number one thing on your mind. The dishes have to taste great and be filling. But the restaurant scene has evolved. Now, people don’t only want to taste good food. They also want to experience a unique ambiance in a food establishment.

So now, restaurant owners are investing a lot in making their establishments “Instagram-worthy.” The interior design and ambiance of a restaurant play a vital role in the overall customer experience. If you want to up your game in the industry, here are tips on how to redecorate your restaurant.

Make use of space with advertisement décor

Common strategy restaurants use to brighten up dull walls is to advertise on them. They create murals of their dishes and products for customers to see and read while waiting for their food. It’s a good idea to reflect your brand identity in your interiors, but don’t get too aggressive with promoting your food. Just stick to interesting and fun facts about your restaurant, its history, the dishes, etc.

Go by a theme

It’s admittedly hard to redecorate your restaurant while remaining cohesive with your existing interior design. But you can make it easier by coming up with a concept or theme. Choose one that matches the food you’re serving. For example, if your restaurant is known for burgers and chips, you can go for the classic retro 50s diner vibe. Then decorate accordingly from your roof all the way to your metallic epoxy resin flooring.

Set the mood with lighting

Gone are the days when white light is the norm. Now, people want to see a whole new ambiance in a restaurant. Your lighting plays a huge role in setting the mood and feel of your space. So get creative when selecting your light fixtures.

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Be mindful of your colors

It might look appealing to go minimalist and paint your walls entirely gray. But you might want to be careful with the color palettes you use to decorate your restaurant. Color psychology suggests that different colors evoke certain emotions, and our appetite is unexempted.

In color psychology, colors that increase the appetite are red, orange, and yellow. That explains why these colors are popular in fast-food chains. They tend to make people hungrier and energetic with their meals. On the other hand, darker shades such as black, brown, and gray can suppress the appetite and repel people from the thought of food.

Being aware of how colors affect your customers will pay off big time. You actually have a bigger role to play in how hungry and happy your customers are. So choose your colors and designs wisely.

Make every corner aesthetically pleasing

Today’s generation loves posing in front of statement walls and taking photos for their Instagram feed. The more aesthetically pleasing your restaurant is, both in person and on camera, the more people will want to visit it. Create vibrant corners and statement pieces in the restaurant, and, of course, your food plating must be picture-perfect.

When customers enjoy the look and feel of your restaurant, they’ll take more photos and share them on their social media pages. They will market your restaurant to their followers. So that’s definitely an investment you want to make.

Nowadays, the customer experience transcends the mere taste of your food. You also have to consider the overall look and feel of your restaurant. Take these tips and begin transforming your restaurant to a tourist attraction.

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