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5-Star Bedroom Make Over in 3 Easy Ways

Recreating the 5-star hotel room feel can be made possible by changing key pieces in your own bedroom. After a series of makeovers and updating the bedroom essentials, we found these to be the three key pieces that are worth investing in.


This one is quite obvious, but it wasn’t easy to find the perfect pillow for this project. So much so, that I had to go to a couple of online forums to ask the question I have been asking a lot for months: “Where can I buy the best hotel pillows?”

After doing some research about the recommended brands from the forums, one answer pointed me to the right store. Finally, I managed to find and purchase the right pillows for that full-on 5-star effect. The plushness and firmness are the proper levels, and it does not flatten out after being used for a long time.

Pillow comfort is an essential factor in getting a goodnight’s sleep. The right pillow must have the right height to support the neck properly. There are also different pillows for side and back sleepers, so getting one that works for the way you sleep can make a whole world of difference.

Bedding Set

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After purchasing a new bed frame for a wider mattress, the next step was to get the best bedding set that my budget could possibly afford. I was able to get a thick mattress topper that brought the mattress height up to 12 inches.

This time, I also got Bamboo sheets because it has a smooth and silky texture that feels very nice to the touch. Its thermo-regulating properties keep you warm when it is cold and keeps you cool when it is hot and warm.

Getting the right size of sheets matters as it needs to hug the corners and sides of the bed so that it stays taut and in place no matter how you sleep. Bamboo sheets also stay fresher longer due to its antibacterial properties, so it stays cleaner longer in between washes.

The bed stays comfortable for long periods, so these sheets are genuinely worth the investment, just like the hotel pillows.


Most of the old furniture was removed and replaced with full-size pieces that not only did a better job at filling the space but also gave it a more organised and sleeker look. There were only a desk, a media console and an accent chair with larger width and depth measurements.

They came with a pair of bedside tables that are wide enough to hold a night light and a book – no room for clutter. Surprisingly enough, the room felt more spacious, looked more functional and now has that luxe appeal akin to a luxury hotel suite.

We had previously installed blackout curtains over white sheer ones and had also repositioned the rods. This is to create a more symmetrical look and allow the curtains to pool elegantly at the bottom. The paint and light were sorted before upgrading these three items. Completing this project is like the icing on the cake.

The careful selection of these elements resulted in a makeover that not only made the room look beautiful but also well-equipped and adequately furnished. Investing in quality pieces is critical in putting together a room that feels and looks like a 5-star hotel room.

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