5 Mindful Approaches to Grieving

Grieving is a tough process, and there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to take care of yourself. You might develop mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and even eating disorders. Losing a loved one is already enough; you don’t have to lose yourself, too. To properly grieve, it’s important to exert effort and make sure that you are not neglecting yourself. You can also ask for professional help as regards mental health services and treatment for eating disorders in Westport, Connecticut. Here are more approaches to mindful grieving:

Spend Time with Yourself

Psychologists and stress management specialists think that taking 15 minutes each day to relax will give your body good health benefits. You will have lower blood pressure, oxygen consumption, and heart rate. Your brain will benefit from the quietness, and you will recharge mentally. Your body battery will also be full, so you will have more energy to face the day and have less stress. If ever someone tries to irritate you, you won’t be affected because you know how to calm yourself down.

You can also use those 15 minutes to think of your loved one and grieve properly. Reminisce the moments that you have together and how they made you happy. Cry as much as you can because it’s the best way to release the feelings of sadness. It’s not good to keep everything to yourself. Let it out. You’ll feel a lot better.

Develop Resilience

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from the negative events in one’s life. If you experience a loss of a loved one, it is not good to dwell too much on it. Depression has a way to destroy your life, so you have to be strong to adjust and balance your thoughts and emotions. You should learn how to cope with the negative things happening to you so that your normal life won’t be affected. Having this trait does not necessarily mean that you won’t face any problems, but it gives you fortitude to still find enjoyment and happiness after experiencing grief.

Enjoy the Things You Normally Do

People who are grieving tend to forget that they can still do the things they love. When you are depressed, you feel like you don’t deserve happiness anymore. That’s not true! In fact, this is the time to enjoy the things you love doing. Watching a TV series on Netflix, traveling to unique places, and reading a good book under a tree can help you realize that life is still the same without that person. You still have your own life to live.

Go Out and Meet People

It is not good for your mental, emotional, and even physical health to just stay at home all the time. You need to interact and widen your network to gain more friends and knowledge about your surroundings. Then choose people who are positive, cheerful, and interesting. You need those kinds of people in your life. Hence, take some time to go out and find new friends.

Take Time to Help Others

story telling

Helping other people gives a sense of purpose in your life. You should always think that you are born in this world to be a part of the lives of less fortunate people. Yes, you are experiencing a loss of a loved one. But if you think about it, there are more people who are less fortunate than you. Some children lost their whole family in a war, and others are even abandoned by their own family.

Reaching out to less fortunate people will make you feel that there’s hope and that it’s not the end of the world yet. Everyone experiences different types of loss, and many of them are survivors of their own loneliness. There’s still a chance for you to be happy again.

Remember that it is okay not to be okay after losing a loved one. In the end, there’s still a chance to live normally again. It might take a week or even a month for you. As long as you don’t dwell too much on it, you’re on the right track.

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