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4 Ways to Open Up Space in Your Apartment

You will have trouble with space if you will be moving from your parents’ house to a small one-bedroom apartment. You will find it difficult to get used to living in a smaller area, especially if you are comfortable with having your room. When you have a lot of stuff to move with you, the apartment will become smaller and smaller until you no longer have space for walking. Fortunately, you can perform these strategies to free up areas inside your new home.

Do Not Let the Bed Eat Up the Room

Beds are notorious for taking up a lot of space. If you plan to live in a one-bedroom apartment, you will find that the frame and mattress will cover half of the room. It will be challenging to find space for your nightstand, cabinets, and other bedroom stuff, which is why you should maximize the space taken by the bed. You can opt for a foldable bed that allows you to use the space after sleeping. You should also consider using a customized bunk bed without the lower part. You can turn the free space into an office or study area.

Mount Everything You Can on Walls

You will have to push pieces of furniture against the wall if you want to create more space. However, this strategy might not be enough. You should consider making the most of your walls if you want more walking space available in your apartment.

Aside from pictures and paintings, you may hang a few pieces of appliances on the walls. You can mount your television, mirrors, shelves, and other items if you want to save space. You may even hang your office desk on the walls to provide more open areas inside your apartment. However, you will need reliable bolts and nylon anchors to help objects avoid the risk of falling.

Add Other Purposes for Big Furniture

The biggest pieces of furniture will be covering most of your apartment. If you cannot throw or replace some of them, you should consider giving them another purpose aside from its main one. You can turn your dining table as your designated spot for studying. You can put two seat cubes together to serve as a coffee table for your living room. Your cabinet is usually a place for clothes, but you can dedicate a part of it to storage. Your biggest pieces of furniture can serve a lot of purposes, which makes them more convenient while helping you take advantage of the occupied space.

Create an Efficient Storage Space

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It will be difficult to find storage spaces in a one-bedroom apartment. However, you can customize the design of the place to help you come up with a way to store your belongings. You can turn the window seat into customized storage. You may also put cut open a few parts of your walls to provide you with a wider area for storage. You will need to seek permission, though, if you plan to carve the interior apartment walls.

Space is essential when living in a small apartment. You need to maximize the entire area if you want to avoid throwing away a few of your items. If you manage to perform these strategies and find that you still lack space, then discarding a few of your belongings might be your only option.

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