Why You Should Visit a Rigging Shop for Training

The video in this article goes into why one may be nervous about going into a high-risk rigging shop training course. The reporter starts by explaining that this is normal and starts by giving an example of what a typical training session consists of and what one can expect when one enters the classroom.

To start the program on the first day the reporter goes into an introduction period. This is where the instructor and the attendees get to know each other.

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The attendees will work on the paperwork and familiarize themself with what is expected of them. As the reporter says, they do not want anyone disrupting the class. This is a good time for the attendees to ask any questions that they have about the training and what is expected of them.

Following day one, the reporter says the training starts to change between in-class and outside practical training. This is where the attendees will get more hands-on experience placing concrete panels, dismantling the steel structure, and splicing. Follow-up days will consist of in-class training and practical training. After training, one should feel comfortable being on the job. This is just an outline of what a training session could entail. If you are interested in doing rigging shop training, this should help ease your nerves.

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