What You Need to Do With Stained Vinyl Wallcoverings

Vinyl wallcoverings are difficult to clean, but the video below adeptly tackles common challenges encountered during the installation of vinyl wallcoverings. When you see discoloration on seams as a consequence of plastic, this discoloration can easily be taken away with a simple rag. For stain removal on vinyl wallpaper, he recommends a judicious approach, advocating for the use of a mild acid solution like Coca-Cola—while cautioning against its application on wool paper. Professionals underscore the importance of uniformly applying the acid on the entire sheet, discouraging spot cleaning, and dismissing beer as a suitable cleaning agent.

Video Source

Throughout the video, it sheds light on the origins of stains on the wallpaper, attributing them to a chemical reaction during installation, particularly evident when the wallcovering is damp. To preemptively address these stains, he suggests employing a mild acid solution, such as Coca-Cola, before contemplating the replacement of wallpaper. Additionally, Professionals issue a cautionary note against installing paper over textured walls, citing the potential accentuation of seams due to surface irregularities.

In a separate segment, you should know how to confront the issue of a white, chalky appearance around seams on fabric-back vinyl, providing pragmatic solutions to rectify this aesthetic concern. This comprehensive guide equips viewers with valuable insights for troubleshooting stained vinyl wallcoverings with confidence.

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